4 tips to selling your home

1. Declutter and depersonalize,
Ensure your home is clean and odor free.

Home buyers need to see your home in its best light and should be able to focus on the property’s features when they tour it. They also should be able to picture themselves in the house when they visit.

2. Find the perfect listing agent/Determine
the best price and time to list your home.

Probably the best real estate tip there is: find a dedicated, responsive, and knowledgeable real estate agent – someone you can trust to guide you through every step of selling your home. A good seller’s agent will make informed recommendations about a listing price, advise you on which repairs will help you sell your home, and make recommendations about decluttering, staging, and maximizing your curb appeal.

3. Always be ready for a showing,Stage your home.

When you list your home, you could get calls from agents within hours regarding potential buyers who want to see your home. It’s easier to handle those calls if you do your best to keep your home “show ready.” Of course, that involves keeping the home clean at a minimum. Before you list the house, do a good deep cleaning in every room.

4. Respond to offers in a timely manner

Be respectful of all reasonable offers. You know what price you’ll accept and on what terms, including what you’d be willing to negotiate on if asked. Most contracts expect a response within 48 hours, but why wait? Respond with a counteroffer or acceptance as soon as a good offer comes in.

5. MOST IMPORTANT call TOM Wibirt 727-267-1930.

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